Some agile terminology

Some agile terms explained

Some agile terminology

Blue/Green deployment

This is where we deploy to a new site where we can test and approve the deployment before switching our audience to the new site.
The switch can be achieved by a load balancer or reverse proxy.

Canary release

This is similar to a Blue/Green deployment except a sample of the total audience to selected for the switch over. This sample can then approve the change before we switch everyone over.

A/B testing

This is about testing features and associated more with ui improvements.
A/B testing allows us to monitor conversion rates of new features and more about testing user behaviour and measuring response to new features.

Agile process

  • code
  • build
  • integrate
  • test
  • release
  • deploy
  • operate

Continuous Integration

agile dev + integration + test

Continuous Delivery

continuous integration + release

Continuous Deployment

continuous delivery + deployment


continuous deployment + operate

ITIL is a framework that can stretch across all devops stages


set of activities transforms input into an output


(more holistic) includes process + tools + training + process relationships
principle - considered - across practices


deployment is a decision of IT

release is a decision of the business

Burn up

Illustrate how much work is left

Burn down

Illustrate how much work is complete